Blog: Pinched Nerve

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Minimally invasive technique that relieves nerves in the spine and neck

Endoscopic ForaminotomyPinched Nerve
How an endoscopic foraminotomy helps pinched nerves. The words may not roll readily off the tongue, but endoscopic foraminotomy has rapidly become a successful, minimally invasive approach for…
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Coping with Pinched Nerves Around the Spine - What a Nuisance!

Pinched NerveDiagnosisTreatment
Being pinched is not usually enjoyable, and this is certainly the case with pinched nerves around the spine. But fortunately, this highly common problem tends to get better on its own over time, says…
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How Can You Tell You’ve Got a Pinched Nerve in Your Neck?

Pinched NerveSymptomsCauses
Information on causes, diagnosis and treatment of a pinched nerve in the neck. Few people enjoy being pinched, and enduring a pinched nerve in the neck is no exception. But how can you tell if you’ve…