Advanced Regenerative Treatments for the Hip & Groin

Hip and groin conditions are one of the most painful types of bodily pain, but our first rate medical programs can deliver a customized solution. Atlantic Spine Center uses a combination of advanced rehabilitation care, combined with modern regenerative medical treatments, including stems cells and PRP, to deliver top patient treatments for hip and groin pain sufferers. Our goal is to help you become more mobile, so that you can get back to participating in day-to-day activities that you have forgone because of living with hip immobility and pain.

Hip and Groin Conditions

While everyone is different, there are some common hip conditions that we are able to diagnose and treat. They are:

  • Labral Tear – When the connective tissue in the hip joint falters, either due to sudden trauma or twisting, this can put a halt on athletic activities. Some patients actually hear the tear when it happens, while others feel it after a gradual wear and tear from overuse. It can be felt throughout the butt, hips and groin.
  • Hip Flexor Strain – This is a type of muscle strain that causes pain in the frontal hip region or groin, often due to sudden contraction of the muscles in the hip flexor. Small tears may cause a little bit of pain or loss of function, while a bigger tear or rupture will lead to significant immobility. When the patient tries to move or pull, they may experience sharp pain in the groin or front of hip.
  • Osteitis Pubis – Another athletically-inclined overuse injury that can lead to inflammation and tissue damage in the pelvis, particularly where the pubic symphysis joins together.
  • Trochanteric Bursitis – Inflammation from the small sac located externally on the hip, also called “bursa”. This happens usually because of repetitive activities or long-lasting pressure, perhaps from laying on hard surfaces over a period of time or from weight lifting injuries. The hip pain is known to radiate down the legs through the hamstrings and thighs.
  • Adductor Tendonitis – Forceful contraction or overuse of adductor muscles can lead to this condition, which usually happens during quick acceleration activities (i.e. – football, soccer) or from running and changing directions quickly. The pain is most felt when the patient squeezes legs together or when lifting the leg up from the core.
  • Hip Arthritis – Osteoarthritis affects millions of people, and hip arthritis is a type of degenerative condition associated with aging. The wear and tear is progressive, thus the bone and cartilage of the hip joint swells and causes pain and inflexibility, making walking and other normal activities difficult.
  • Groin Strain – Forceful impact or repetition can lead to groin strain, which is either small or large tearing with the set of adductor muscles. A patient with groin strain may experience large rupture, sharp pain, swelling, muscle spasms, pulling sensations, soreness, and fatigue or tightening near the thigh and groin area.

Get back to peak performance with our world class team of physical therapists, rehabilitation experts, chiropractors and board certified physicians. We take hip and groin pain very seriously and will help you get back to your best condition quickly and naturally, without drugs or surgery if at all possible.