Lower Back Pain?

What is Considered Lower Back Pain?

Low back pain refers to any pain due to a condition in the lower back that usually involves the lumbar or sacral segment of the spine. It may sometimes also be associated with conditions of the hips or pelvic area. These conditions can range from muscular bruising to spinal fractures. Other common causes of chronic lower back pain can be the narrowing or abnormal growth of facets and sections of the spinal cord, resulting in pressure on the spinal nerves. Although lower back pain can occur as a result of the normal aging process, a person's lifestyle can sometimes cause or exacerbate it.

Treatment for lumbar or sacral pain can range from physical therapy to corrective surgery, including Endoscopic Discectomy and fusion procedures.

How Common is Lower Back Pain?

Conditions in the lumbar and sacral areas of the spine are among the most common. This area of the spinal column receives the largest share of the body's load. Therefore it is more likely to develop an orthopedic condition. Conditions such as pinched nerve or disc degeneration are common in the lower back. Unfortunately, it is also the tendency for conditions in this part of the spine to worsen or escalate if left untreated.