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Dr. Liu offers Tips on Causes and Treatments for Middle Back Pain

Middle Back PainTreatment
When people think of back pain, they tend to picture a strained lower back. But middle back pain, which encompasses the area between the neck and the bottom of the rib cage, is an ache all its own…
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5 Gentle, Effective Exercises for Seniors with Lower Back Pain

ExercisesLower Back Pain
Dr. Kaliq Chang with Atlantic Spine Center Offers Tips to Soothe and Strengthen. As we age, our spine does too, of course – meaning lower back pain becomes more of a looming possibility. But…
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Breaking down the broadly used term “laser spine surgery”

Laser Spine SurgeryTerms
For Luke Skywalker, a laser sword proved the weapon-of-choice in his fight against the “Empire” in Star Wars, but when it comes to battling chronic back pain and the spinal disorders that cause it…
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Interventional Pain Management Specialist Dr. Kaliq Chang discusses spinal triggers and treatments of shoulder woes

Shoulder PainPain Management
When our shoulder hurts, we naturally assume we have a problem in, well, the shoulder. But in reality, shoulder pain often indicates a spine problem, according to Kaliq Chang, MD, of Atlantic Spine…
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Artificial Disc Replacement - 5 Questions for Your Doctor

Artificial DiscFAQ
Nearly all of us know someone who had surgery to replace their bum hip or knee with an artificial joint. But artificial discs? Fewer have heard of this increasingly prevalent orthopedic surgery…
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Dr. Kaliq Chang explains symptoms, causes and prevention measures for a common back pain trigger

Degenerative Disc DiseasePrevention
It would be logical to assume that degenerative disc disease, one of the most common spine problems in older adults, is a disease. However, this progression of changes in spinal discs due to aging…