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Pinched Nerves - How They're Diagnosed and Treated

Pinched NeveDiagnosisTreatment
If you’ve got a pinched nerve, you’re likely aware of it day and night because of the pain and numbness it produces. But many people with pinched nerves around the spine, a highly common problem, have…
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How aerobic activities can benefit the back

Understanding the Best Cardio for Back Pain Sufferers Think you can prevent another “back attack” by staying in your comfy chair? Think again. The truth is that aerobic exercise that gets the body…
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Zap Lingering Back & Neck Pain with Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation

Hope for relief may seem elusive when chronic back or neck pain does not respond to conservative measures such as medication or physical therapy. But an increasingly popular, minimally invasive…
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Failed spine surgery syndrome

Failed Spine Surgery SyndromePain Relief
What is failed spine surgery syndrome and what options are there for it? If back or neck surgery fails, there are still many good options for pain relief. It’s never a casual decision to undergo back…
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How a Strong Core Offers Protection of the Spine.

ExercisesPain Management
With beach weather only a few months away, some are again striving for desirable “6-pack abs” that show off toned muscles. But a 6-pack does more than just look good, since the strong core muscles…
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Do's and Don'ts Following Spine Surgery

SurgeryDo's and Don'ts
Dr. Kaixuan Liu shares his “Do this, but not that” list to follow after spine surgery Almost every type of surgery comes with a list of instructions for what you should or should not do afterward. But…